Saturday, October 10, 2015

Lucy's Fried Chicken

Tucked away in the heart of south Austin ,lies a delicious treat for carnivores. "Lucy's Fried Chicken" is located at 2218 College Ave. A stones throws away from busy South Congress , this hole in the wall has an amazing patio. We were quickly seated by a very handsome tattooed man who looked like a greaser from the 1950's .
You may think this is a theme restaurant with this description but it is not , It is simply south Austin at it's finest. The Waitress was very friendly and when we told her it was our first time she recommended an appetizer.
Neil had seen that there were fried deviled eggs making the upsell not necessary . We ordered the fried deviled eggs. They were perfection . The batter was smooth and did not overpower the egg. The egg was seasoned and not too chewy.
For our entrees we ordered the special at the time which was Korean ribs. They were heaven for sure.
We had Deseret even though I can honestly say we were fast approaching food induced coma time.
I had the sweet tea pie .
 Smooth, creamy and surprisingly airy. It was a fantastic treat and so worth it .
They have great drink specials but unfortunately I did not try any but they look super. I had pictures but of course I have lost them .
Have no fear , I have a feeling that we shall return asap and have every intention of having an adult beverage. I will most post pictures from that trip.
The prices are way higher then you would see at churches or popeyes but the food more than compensates for its price.
On my scale of 0-10 with 10 being "I better get a reach around for this amount " and 0 being "Hey, I found this perfectly good bagel in the trash so its free" I give it a 4 .
So if you are in South Austin and you want to grub on some wonderful fried goodness, run don't walk to "Lucy's Fried Chicken" .
Lucy's Fried Chicken Menu and site

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